The Absalom Reckoning (AR) system is based on the foundation of Absalom (which occurred on 1 Abadius, 1 AR), and because of Absalom’s expansive influence the city’s calendar has achieved great popularity throughout the world. In Absalom Reckoning, the day of the month is always given first, followed by the name or number of the month, with the year coming last. A year has 12 months, a month has 4 weeks, a week has 7 days, and a day has 24 hours.

Days of the week

Moonday Monday Work, religion (night)
Toilday Tuesday Work
Wealday Wednesday Work
Oathday Thursday Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday Friday Work, market day
Starday Saturday Work
Sunday Sunday Rest, religion

Months of the year

Abadius January Winter Abadar
Calistril February Winter Calistria
Pharast March Spring Pharasma
Gozran April Spring Gozreh
Desnus May Spring Desna
Sarenith June Summer Sarenrae
Erastus July Summer Erastil
Arodus August Summer Aroden
Rova September Fall Rovagug
Lamashan October Fall Lamashtu
Neth November Fall Nethys
Kuthona December Winter Nethys