Our Story Thus Far

The ongoing story of The Hellboars of The Stolen Lands, compiled and authored by Aelvin, Pathfinder in training

Session 1

In the spring of 4710 a group of young adventurers from across Golarion gather in the north eastern nation of Brevoy, brought here by various driving forces and reasons: Harrow, the pale and secret human with little known of his past and even less of his future; Ashbrook Urssen, shamanistic shifter from the Ulfen Land of the Linnorm Kings, who left his lands after a disagreement with his elders about plundering the southern lands; Eolan Truesight, proud Kyonin Elf, drawn to Brevoy by cultural interests; Maegrym Blackstone, devout priest from the Dwarven nation of Druma, with shield in hand and faith in mind he is on a saintly mission; and finally, the Ukimbizi brothers Maji and Mango, who let their thoughts guide them on their long journey across The Inner Sea.

Our scattered group of travelers met in Restov, southern city of Rostland and home to the Aldori Swordlords, where they entered in the annual Swordlords 3M Challenge, most for nothing more than to test their skills in a foreign land, though Harrow sought to unite them as a force to reinvigorate the waning blood of the Swordlords. All reach the final test, but Mango is teamed opposite his comrades and along with his team , defeated. The rest earn the right to become members of the Swordlords.

Session 2

All but Mango and Maji are caught in a burning and barred inn, The Dragon's Decree, set ablaze by Vilgorr. Maji and Mango, hearing commotion outside of their inn, met the party in a courtyard just outside of the burning Dragon's Decree, where they battled and defeated Vilgorr and his cronies. Interrogatioof Vilgorr reveals his real name, Sebastian Starg. Sebastian reveals he is compelled by an unknown source to disrupt the secret colonization of the Greenbelt. He's unsure how he learned of this plan.

Mango is allowed to become a Swordlord in Vilgorr's place as reward for his help.

Session 3

Our now reacquainted merry members travel west from Restov, heading to Oleg's Trading Post. Along the way the party camps just outside the small village of Nivakta's Crossing and further west they inspect the abandoned Fort Serenko. Running short on their deadline to be at Oleg's by month's end, the party forgoes further exploration in favor of a quick journey. They arrive at Oleg's on 4/28/4710, where only Oleg and his wife Svetlana reside. Oleg informs them of the problem he is having with bandits, where they show up at the end of every month and loot most of his stock. The party sets a trap for the bandit's arrival that month. A battle ensues 2 days later with only one bandit surviving, a young and sharp human named Jacques. Kind Maji offers Oleg a large gem he found on the bandit leader to help rebuild the Trading Post's stock. Jacques is eventually convinced to reveal what he knows of the Horn Lord bandit Lord and even accepts a kind offer from the party and Oleg to be a helpful hand around the trading post and to also defend it from future bandit raids.

During their stay the party meets a hunting party of 3, lead by a man named Vin-Chens. The two parties have a friendly game of chance the evening they meet, with Mango edging out a final confrontation with Vin-Chens. The party makes a quick journey to a small village across the Rostland border to resupply and give Oleg's purchasing request to his contact. Shortly after their return to Oleg's, Vin-Chens returns alone, crying of a multi-armed beast setting his hunting friends ablaze. The party follows Vin-Chens to their hunting grounds where they come upon a river and open field area full of corpses. The multi-armed beast attacks and the party fights two Beholder Gauths, barely surviving a long-ranged cat-and-mouse battle. Eolan Truesight decides to stay at Oleg's to help protect it from banditry.

Session 4

  • Hunters leave for Restov to find someone to stuff the party's Beholder Gauth
  • Party heads to known bandit cache area in F20. Party meets Mr. Ogilvy and his family on the river leading towards the cache. Party suggests the family stops their journey south for fear of being accosted by bandits at the river confluence.
  • Party ambushes a bandit river blockade. Large fight ensues at the conflux of 3 small rivers. William, the sole bandit survivor, is interrogated and set free to leave The Stolen Lands.

Session 5

  • Party butchers one of the 2 Beholder Gauth carcasses for alchemical components.
  • Party finds Argavin, an ex-bandit, sleeping in the middle of a bridge at E19. Argavin is relieved to be out of the Horn Lord's gang and is enthusiastic about joining the party.
  • Party finds a weird bird clearing with a giant turtle-like stone clearing. Nothing comes of this.
  • Merchants are paid to bring the party's Beholder Gauth to Restov to get it mounted.
  • Assisted by Argavin, the party jumps a bandit gang crossing a bridge. The gang was a replacement for the crew thieving Oleg's.
  • Carrick, the sole bandit survivor of the bridge battle, reluctantly joins the party after revealing his oath to the Horn Lord. Party convinces him he'll not break his oath and eventually be relieved of it when they slay the Horn Lord.

Session 6

  • Argavin sent to Restov to recruit carpenters, smithies, attractive women, and laborers.
  • Encounter with a trapped bear results in a melee vs. two dire bears, one crippled one rampaging. The party slays both bears, Ashbrook repents for this necessary evil.
  • Maegrym and Harrow search the remains of a clump of corpses in the bear's lair, all of which are riddled with filth and rot.
  • Maegrym becomes ill with the Skin Rot disease for a couple of days, caused by the corpses in the bear's lair (to the amusement of the party, the famed endurance of the dwarves not withstanding).
  • Party finds Leanna, the sole survivor of a bandit killing in B21 that killed her family. She returns to Oleg's and shortly thereafter heads to Holmolka, unable to cope with the loss of her family.

Session 7

  • Argavin returns from Restov with news on the recruits he was asked to find. The interested folks included, no carpenters, 7 smithies, 13 attractive women, and 62 laborers. Of those interested, Lilianna and 12 laborers returned to Oleg's with Argavin.
  • Argavin sent to Restov to Holmolka to find 6 large tents, 4 casks of ale, and a carpenter to teach the workers at Oleg's how to build structures.
  • Merchants return from Restov with the party's Beholder Gauth mount. The taxidermist, not having any familiarity with beholders, did the best job he could but was only able to stuff it without any bells or whistles. The party names the mount "Venera".
  • A new hunting party of 3 arrive at Oleg's, two of whom have dyed coon skin caps. The next day they leave with Vin-Chens group to hunt boars.
  • On 7/14/4710 the party saves 3 of the 4 members of a family being attacked by 10 wild boars. During this battle, Mango dies while valiantly trying to stave off 5 boar attacks.
  • The party takes Mango's body to Restov to find a healer powerful enough to cure Mango.
  • The party comes to the rescue of a poor Sheppard, just outside of Restov, whose sheep have scattered. The tweaked herder offers to "fix" the problem they're having with Mango. The party refuses and watches the shepherd and his flock return to his black tower just outside of Restov.
  • The Church of Gorum in Restov will heal Mango, but only if his friends will learn the ways of Gorum and also participate in the ritual. The rituals, a frightening experience sans clothing and the offering of one's own blood, goes on through the entire night. Harrow and Aelvin participate in the ceremony, and come morning Mango wakes in a dark room of solid steel.

Session 8

  • Spoke with master metalsmith Klif Ironwood. Klif is tired of making mundane items for the war effort, wants a chance to create his works of art. Ash learns he is not from his homeland (rather the south, whereas Ash is from the east) but is intrigued to meet another like himself.
  • A week is spent logging to provide the wood needed to build shelters.
  • Argavin finds Jord in Restov. Maji only started talking to him at Oleg's, and started getting him moving on building up the place.
  • Maji meets Jord Stjordvik and his assistant Hanzel on the road. An expert Builder from Brevoy, he left the political tensions. Ambitious and determined, he forges the laborers at Oleg's into an organized work force, building barracks to house the additional people. Very busy, even the PCs have trouble arranging time to speak with him. Mango wants to set him up with the stunning red-head Elanor. Elanor seems amenable to the idea, but Jord is very focused on his work. Ash speaks with Jord and learns he learns that Jord was abandoned as a child and raised in Brevoy.
  • Most of the group is enamored by the Church of Gorum, especially Harrow.
  • Traveling Merchants are fleeing unrest in their homeland, bearing tales of a crusade that is attracting all manner of races to its banner. The party urges them to stay rather than risk banditry on the road to Restov, but they decline. They also speak of small creatures in the woods and a large stone tower.
  • On the road back from Restov, Harrow stops at a tavern and posts a bulletin requesting pioneers to come build shelters at Oleg's. Harrow spreads money around talking up Oleg's Trading Post, but inadvertently angers the barkeep in trying to lure away his customers. The innkeeper says he'll leave the bulletin up for a week, but that's it.
  • Maegrym creates some Oleg tokens, to be distributed for one free drink at Oleg's.
  • The Yellow-Capped Hunters, in search of big game, have not returned recently. Neither has Vin-Chens' group, which is unusual for them.
  • The weather has been very rainy.
  • The party explores, and finds the tower of Zelorra the merchants spoke of. Millennia old and dedicated to the evil god Urgathoa, the tower is 60' tall and overgrown with vines. The site holds special significance for Harrow, as this goddess was worshipped by the nation of Geb, the nation and necromancer that stole his patron goddess' corpse, Arazni (Herald of Aroden). The group clears the undergrowth and uncovers a 5' stone lid, but are not strong to move it on their own. Harrow climbs to the top and surveys the area.
  • The party comes across a band of goblins hunting hairy oxen. Urged on by Maegrym, the party kills them and follows their tracks back to their base camp, where savory meat is left over in a pot. One of the yaks perishes despite Maegrym's ministrations, but Ash runs down the other, calms it, and brings it back to the group. The party returns to the tower and convinces the yak (named "Mammoth" by Ash) to help pull the lid open. They succeed and discover a massive and elaborate crypt, inhabited by decrepit skeletons, blazing undead and a Lesser Tomb Guardian, who wields a wicked scimitar in each of its four arms. A pitched battle ensues, but the heroes vanquish their enemies and discover a massive treasure trove, filled with gold jewels, and magic items!

Session 9

  • The group explores the Tower of Zelorra, claiming a trove of gold, jewels, and magical relics.
  • Weather has been mild, except for a nasty thunderstorm.
  • Mammoth the Yak wanders off, but the party recovers him and brings back to Oleg's, hoping Jord can make use of his great strength as a draft animal.
  • Jord unveils his blueprints for the shelters and proudly announces that construction ought to be completed within a few weeks.
  • Argavin has returned from Restov and Holmolka, bringing back the tools requested by Jord and 10 more laborers.
  • Maegrym shares the secret of his Everful Cask of Dwarven Ale, his beard twitching at the economic possibilities. Oleg is sworn to secrecy and agrees to use it to generate income.
  • Oleg expresses concern that Vin-Chens' group are very late in returning. The party sets out in search of them and uncovers signs of an ambush: 3 men taken down by 4. Prime suspects are the "Yellow Cap Hunters", who claimed to be in search of big game. Vin-Chens' group is presumed to be captured by the Horn Lord's forces.
  • A Bandit Keep is discovered, set atop a hill near a river, with the surrounding trees cleared to allow visibility. Outlying buildings and tents complete the settlement, but the party observes a group of some 30-odd troops break camp and march north, commanded by a Half-Orc with a fearsome bow.
  • The party fears they seek to attack Oleg's! After impassioned debate and meticulous planning, the decision is made to wage a hit-and-run campaign against the bandits to whittle down their numbers and hinder their progress before they can threaten Oleg's. The party overtakes the bandits and sets an ambush by a waterfall, setting traps to hamper their enemies' pursuit.
  • The first round of sentries are disposed of by Harrow and Beor on opposite sides of the waterfall, and their corpses are concealed.
  • The second round of sentries approach, and another is efficiently dispatched by Harrow as the group moves into position.
  • The Hellboars launch a daring night-time raid upon the bandits! With surprise on their side, the heroes begin their assault. The companions are shocked as Ashbrook darts into a cluster of foes with a Goblin battle-cry, but their dismay changes to elation when Ash summons the Spirit of the Waterfall to flood his opponents with a tide of Primal Fury!
  • Ash is nearly brought down by the next wave of bandits and surely would have fallen, if not for the timely intervention of Maegrym. With a prayer on his lips and a hammer in his hand, Ash receives the divine inspiration he needs to escape.
  • While Harrow sows death and terror in his wake, delighting in the souls of the fallen, Maji wrestles with a hardy bandit in the river and impales him with his spear. Meanwhile, emboldened by the surge of battle, his brother Mango roars his defiance as arrows fly around him. "I have already faced Death!" he bellows.
  • The raid is far more effective than the Hellboars had originally hoped for: half the enemy forces are slain, and others wounded. As the Half-Orc drives his men up the hill bearing torches, our Heroes flee into the shadows, past the traps they've left for their pursuers.

Session 10

  • The weather has been mild.
  • The party escapes the bandits' pursuit, and regroups their strength. They return to the waterfall, the site of the previous battle with the bandit assault force, the following morning and find the bandits breaking camp and marching on towards Oleg's.
  • The group overtakes them and stages another ambush, intending to eliminate the archers. The battle turns into another rout, as our heroes once again decimate the bandit's forces!
  • The battle takes an unexpected turn as an ancient red dragon is spotted overhead. Everyone scatters, including the half-orc bandit leader Ogrom, who dives into the a nearby river and swims off with the current. Ash and Maji give chase and succeed in capturing him.
  • Harrow calls out to the dragon in its native language (draconic), and is carried of in its crimson talons. A short while later, Harrow is returned to the battle ground (landing with panache thanks to his Safewing amulet and penchant for bravado), and imparts the following information:
    • While the dragon refuses to reveal its name, it can be recognized by the distinctive purple mottling of its scales.
    • It seeks an ancient helm known as the Wyrmskull, and hopes to deny its use by the dragon's enemies, the Dragonborn. Hearing Harrow call out to it in Draconic led it to believe that the Revenant might also be searching for it or know of its location.
    • The Wyrmskull was crafted from the bones of a hundred fallen Dragonborn heroes. Its purpose is nothing less than the elimination of all evil dragons across Golarion.
  • Two other bandits are also taken alive: Vance Higgins and Maxis "the Weeper".
  • Following the battle, Ogrom, Vance and Maxis are interrogated. Stubborn and prideful, Ogrom refuses to cooperate and is given a swift death by Harrow, as a terrified Maxis looks on. While no coward, Maxis has a reputation for weeping when emotionally distraught.
  • Vance's life is spared, and he is permitted to return to his home in the River Kingdoms in exchange for an oath never to raise arms against the Hellboars again. A discussion of the River Kingdoms reveal the importance of their Six River Freedoms (one of which is: Oathbreakers Die).
  • The Horn Lord is revealed to be from the River Kingdoms, and came to the Stolen Lands in search of easy plunder after refusing to comply with the Six River Freedoms.
  • The yellow-capped twins and their group are confirmed to be in league with the Horn Lord, and Vin-chens' band are currently held prisoner as forced laborers in the Horn Lord's keep. Vance speaks in hushed tones of Zokk the Gaoler. He describes Zokk as being larger than any half-orc, green, and inhuman.
  • When Harrow's benevolence towards captured foes is questioned by his allies, he explains that he does not consider himself to be any common assassin, who kills for money. Rather the term reflects his training in the ways of Stealth and Shadow.
  • One or two fleeing bandits are not pursued following the battle. Their current whereabouts are unknown. By Maegrym's tally, the group has killed 70 of the Horn Lord's men. The group loots the bandits and recovers a goodly sum of wealth and treasure.
  • The party went back to Oleg's, broke news to him about the thwarted attack. They spoke with Carrick, Jacques, and Argavin about Horn Lord.
  • The party went back to scout out Horn Lord's keep and saw a lone figure leaving. They intercepted Vin-Chens who was bringing them a message from the Horn Lord.
  • Horn Lord requested meeting or he would start executing prisoners.
  • Party broke for the night to contemplate their course of action.

Session 11

  • During the night, Maegrym spots a pack of large rats making off with Ash's money pouch. An alarm is raised and the party sets of after them.
  • The rats lead the party a complex cave system infested with fairly large carrion crawlers. The party rids the infestation and push on towards the back of the cave where they have seen the rats peering at them.
  • The rats, truly wererats in disguise, ambush the party and demand their goods. The party refuses and combat is joined to the detriment of the weres who, save for one, are slain quickly. Maji suggests that this lair might be of use to the party some day.
  • The one is Kalandra, a nimble, nubile, young wererat who barters her family's treasures for her life.
  • In the aftermath of the conflict, Maji, Mango, and Harrow all show signs of filth fever.
  • Sadly, for the party, the treasure lies in the nest of an enormous carrion crawler.
  • The party offers to deal with Kalandra, hoping to lure her into their service as a spy.
  • She offers information on the Horn Lord and his keep and offers to get them the key to free the slaves in exchange for the dwarf's Horn of Plenty (a magic item, not that one, pervert).
  • She reveals that the Horn Lord is a were creature like herself. A wereboar!
  • The party send Vinchens back to Oleg's (with a horse and lightly armed), with instruction to draft a letter to the Horn Lord and have it sent back via Maxis the Weeper, along with the orc's head, all at the proper time. Maji also instructs him on a plan to sow dissention in the Horn Lord's keep.
  • While resting, the party is alerted to the presence of a score of hunters, led by a brave but cocky man named Benjen. They begin assembling a clever trap to capture the CCOGS (Carrion Crawler of Gargantuan Size), and Ashbrook hails him on behalf of the group. Upon learning that Ash is a servant of the Primal Spirits, Benjen offers to pay the group for their assistance. Most of the group declines, as it is apparent to them that these men are no match for the CCOGS. Ash is unable to dissuade these brave but foolhardy men from their folly, but feels obligated to assist these hapless hunters as best he can. While the others look on from a safe distance, Ash, Benjen and the others brace themselves for the CCOGS emergence. The casualties quickly mount as the hunters are torn through like wheat through a thresher! While the others hoot and wince, Kalandra, Benjen & Ash move quickly to recover as much of the wererats' treasure before the monster's return. They manage to haul up nearly all of it, then flee as the CCOGS bears down on them. Ash tosses parcels to the side as he runs with all his might towards a cliff high above a nearby river. He takes a leap of faith, and ungainly dives over 75' into the water, barely surviving.
  • Once the CCOG's terrible appetite has been sated, the party makes its way down to the lair, following the direction Ash ran. They recover the parcels as well as the Shaman, and divvy up the spoils.

Session 12

  • Our heroes infiltrate the Horn Lord's keep through his dungeon. Harrow and Kalandra make quick work of the portcullis lock.
  • Zokk the Troll is slain, and his lackeys are dispatched before they can flood the chamber.
  • All the prisoners are freed as their guards are overcome in seconds. They are sent via barge towards Oleg's.
  • The heroes make their way to the Horn Lord's sanctum, and realize they were allowed to come this far so the wereboar could deal with them personally. Kalandra reveals she was in the Horn Lord's employ, but takes advantage of the battle to backstab the Horn Lord in revenge for slights against her family.
  • The Horn Lord finds himself unable to break through the heroes formation and Kalandra delivers the killing blow. He does manage to infect Harrow with Moontusk fever, but Harrow shakes it off with his disciplined endurance.

Session 13

  • The heroes search the keep, killing bandits that were loyal to the Horn Lord and recruiting the rest. One such is the captain Mackins, who is made Bailiff of the newly dubbed Caer Blackstone. Maegrym commissions a seamstress to begin fashioning a banner with the Hellboars' emblem.
  • Six bandits are reported absent (not counting one who flees in terror), and Mango magnanimously offers up 100 gp for the capture of the Yellow-Cap twins, to the excitement of the bandits. Mango also shakes off the last effects of his resurrection by the church of Gorum.
  • While Maegrym and Mango comb through the library, Ash & Harrow catch up with the escaped prisoners, and encourage all those interested to return to the keep for shelter. Through eloquent logic, Harrow convinces Mr. Ogilvy and the musicians to delay their departures south to Mivon and to Pitax, respectively.
  • Ash works the crowd with boasts of the Hellboars' daring, and finds a very receptive audience in the musicians. They think their story would make for a great song, or even a play! Ash also indulges in the charms of a winsome lass, to celebrate his victories and simply being alive!
  • As summer wanes and the weather turns colder, Mango begins to grudgingly admit their may be something to northern armor after all, and considers donning chain mail in place of his traditional shield. He also seems to have withdrawn his attunement to Maji. He is heard to mutter something about his amulet being pleased by the recent events, when he thinks no one is listening.
  • The group reunites at Caer Blackstone and review what the Horn Lord's journals reveal to them. With the help of his worn out ritual book, they are able to decipher both his Elven journals and an intercepted dwarven note, as well as many books on Elven history and the River Kingdoms.
  • The Horn Lord is revealed to have come from the twin river valleys, near Maashinelle in the nation of Lambreth, where wereboars and wererats shared an unwilling and unsuccessful alliance against invading werewolves from Ustalav. The Horn Lord and Kalandra's family traveled east to the River Kingdoms, but not before he discovers a crystal shard in the Wilewood. The heroes are shocked to learn that they each bear a similar shard, possessing six overall. Maegrym's was bequeathed to him by an uncle, Harrow found his in a wizard's laboratory, and Ash's appeared to him upon waking from a Spirit Dream.
  • The stones seem to be pulling their bearers towards an island to the southwest of the keep. The Horn Lord has already tried to infiltrate the island twice unsuccessfully, repelled by otherworldly creatures and shadowy guardians.
  • The Dwarven note is a communication between two members of a clan outcast by the Five Kings Mountain nation. Maegrym recalls they had a reputation for being non-conformist. This Ironbeard clan is in league with nearby goblins (who are also at war with kobolds) and seem to be safeguarding the Wyrmskull in preparation for an impending conflict with Brevoy and the Red Dragon. A shipment of ore is expected to be sent through the Greenbelt in just over a year's time.
  • The Hellboars resume their exploration (true to form, the weather turns just as they set out) with the intention of making their way to Oleg's and Restov, where the hope to obtain more arcane knowledge and gear to be ready for the challenges they are sure to face in the weeks and months ahead.
  • Along the way, they come across some goblins butchering an owlbear carcass. The group eliminates them handily and are able to salvage reagents from the owlbear's carcass.

Session 14

  • The party hears the sound of drums, they sneak up and spy a highly organized unit of goblins marching in unison to the drums: about 50 of them, led by 2 large ogres. They are heading west, toward the bend in the skunk river. The party decides to leave them be and continue exploring the area.
  • The party hears a commotion in the trees near the camp, and shortly afterwards ambushes 2 goblins scouting the area for the large force. The goblin brothers Ponzi and Fonzi, answer all questions freely, after very little intimidation. They say that there is only 1 dwarf that has the goblins organized and that they are organized to fight against the kobolds in the south. We let the brothers live to let them know that we currently have no ill will for the goblins in the area.
  • Party gets hopelessly lost following the dwarf's lead, no exploration is done. Dwarf is fired from exploration duties!
  • Party comes across a pond with 3 naked bloated bodies floating in it. They appear to be dead for weeks, the party assumes that they were victims of the golden-skin-capped twins.
  • While in camp fixing the evening meal, a man sneaks up and attacks Harrow from behind. Harrow smothers the man (Jerimiah) with his own shadow, and Maegrym knocks him unconcious before he can recover. When Jerimiah revives he tells a story of how his bandit group was attacked months ago by some creature with a giant eye and many arms. He has been lost and wandering the woods ever since. We feed him and upon learning that the Horn Lord is dead, Jerimiah decides to swear an oath to the party.
  • Arrive at Oleg's. First impression is that a lot of construction has been done. A large 50 foot tower inside walls for Eolen is almost complete. Stables have been taken down inside and the bunk house expanded. Larger stables are being built outside the walls. As well, other structures that were planned are already done.
  • Carrick, being freed from his oaths to the Horned Lord, swears an oath to the party.
  • Oleg throws a huge celebration in honor of the Greenbelt being freed from the Horn Lord's oppression. Four roasted pigs, cakes, and fine ale are served for all. Also, Oleg sponsors the 1st annual citadels card game tournament with 500 gold pieces going to the winner. Maji wins by a narrow margin, edging out 2 other party members and Aelvin.
  • During a test of drinking will, Hanzel Vermussen, Jord's right-hand man, is found to have supernatural resilience, especially to liquor.
  • The day after celebration Harrow, Maegrym, Lilianna and Maji travel to B18 to explore the last unexplored area in the north. The 2nd day out we find a ancient barrow of a priest of Zon-Kuthon (God of pain, darkness, and loss). Inside is a 17 foot long sarcophagus in the center of the chamber. It contains the remains of a cyclops. On his feet are magical Boots of Bounding, sized for the cyclops. Harrow wears one boot as a potato sack.

Session 15

  • The party arrives in Restov with the gates closed even during the day. They are very mistrustful of visitors now, fearing sabatours.
  • The party goes to The Dragon's Decree, are welcomed with open arms, and recieve free room and board for the duration of their stay.
  • The party visits the Swordlords for a progress report:
    • They are pleased and will begin sending "settlers" in the spring
    • They want more frequent reports
    • They tell that of the other parties sent out, the Glenebon group has gone missing with reports of death, the Tors of Lvenies group is doing well, and that haven't heard from the Hooktongue Slough group
    • They warn that Vilgor has mysteriously vanished from his cell
    • They allow access to their enchantress, a harried and overworked woman, who teaches the cleric and shaman rituals, resizes some items, and transfers a few enchantments
  • The party gears up some more and Maegrym and Ash learn many rituals
  • Harrow tries (unsuccessfully) to get Alvin into Pathfinder's guild. He finds out that the tower of Lamashtu outside the city is really a front for a local Pathfinders Society branch.
  • Mango is approached by the Church of Gorum who ask him if the proselytizing is going well in the Greenbelt, part of their promised payment for his ressurection. He is able to talk them into sending 2 initiates, Argus the Anvil and Hogarth the Stoic, to Blackstone Keep so they can handle the spread of their church themselves.
  • Maegrym holds a baking competition and the top 2 (Harold and Ginnie) were granted positions at Blackstone Keep. Also Maegrym hires Melinda, a Restov broker. She is quite competent and is able to procure everything asked for except bulk amounts of flour.
  • The party purchases a large barge and a lot of supplies to take back to Blackstone Keep.
  • A total of 12 days is spent in Restov (mostly learning rituals) (Harrow chaffs at the delay)
  • The party finally leaves Restov, heading south on the Shrike river for 2 uneventful days.
  • Explored D22 on the 3rd day from restov. Spent 2 days exploring (uneventful).
  • On 5th day from Restov women are heard screaming and giant spiders are seen taking them into a cave on the shore. The party goes in after them……..

Session 16

  • Mango stays on the raft to guard their gear and the passengers. Ashbrook and Aelvin join the search!
  • The Hellboars continue their battles against the spiders in the cave at E21, defeating another group of Deathjump Spiders and some Doomspinner Spiders.
  • Searching the eastern half of the cave reveals 1 woman captive, alive, but barely!
  • The party finds the mother spider but flees the caves to rest before engaging the giant beast and her minions.
  • After resting, the party reenters the cave, bringing the Gorum initiates for the final confrontation. Even though the party expects death, they quickly despose of the remaining spiders, including the mother spider!
  • The Hellboars completed the exploration and cleansing of the spider caves, finding a total of 2 alive women and some worthless trinkets and some coins.

Session 17

  • The party completed their journey down the Shrike river, traveling on a barge from Restov to Fort Blackstone. During their journey they interrogated the 2 surviving women, Margie and Ellevinna. They eventually revealed they are from a settlement in The Nomen Heights called The Varnhold. They were sent to the Tuskwater to report on the status of bandit activity in the Greenbelt.
  • Updates upon their return to Fort Blackstone included:
    • The travelers from Oleg's arrived a couple of weeks ago.
    • Lilianna and Mackins have been butting heads on who is in charge in the party's absence. It was decided that Mackins would run the fort in their absence, and Lilianna would lead a small patrol group around the fort.
    • A bandit named Captain Glenn returned from a blockade in the south, saying his crew had been waiting for their replacements for weeks.
    • The seamstress completed the party's banners, all of them very well done.
    • Jord has begun work on restoring some of the dilapidated buildings on the perimeter of the fort
    • Kilandra spends most of her time in Zokk's lair, clinching to her magical fruit basket
    • A few of the fort's men went on a fishing trip on the Tuskwater and reported seeing an island sized object moving in the middle of lake. They returned to the fort immediately.
  • A grand festival was thrown the evening following their return, including a marvelous fireworks show by Maegrym.
  • Maji got his mojo on with Margie, the less-than pretty women from the Nomen Heights. Mango "assisted" in this coupling!
  • With Captain Glenn at the helm, the party took the barge onto the Tuskwater to investigate the mysterious moving island and to travel to the southern bandit blockade.
  • The Tuskwater barge journey brought them within a couple hundred yards of what the party agreed was a gargantuan kraken. At the same time they witnessed a naked bullywug swimming eastwardly, towards the kraken. The kraken swiftly disposed of the bullywug and began heading toward the party. A chase ensued and eventually the party outran the kraken, who headed back to the center of Lake Tuskwater.
  • Heading south on the barge, the party passed a grouping of approximately 50 bullywugs participating in rituals. The rituals were determined not to be magical in nature and thought to be some initiation for a new leader of the bullywugs.
  • Further south the party saw a 1/2 dozen trolls carrying a canoe that Captain Glenn identified as belonging to his southern blockade crew.
  • From a distance the bandit blockade camp look inactive. Exploration revealed a battle between men and troll, with troll winning and carrying off the human victims.
  • The party found the southern bandit blockade cache, but it only contained coins.
  • The party returned to Fort Blackstone and headed out the following morning, traveling east.
  • Exploring a couple of areas eventually uncovered a kobold den nestled into the side of the large hill. While spying on the den, the party attempted conversation with a patrol of 2 dozen kobolds. Asked to leave the area initially, the party instead insisted on having a conversation with the kobolds. Not wanting to drop their weapons, the party provoked the kobolds into firing a warning volley followed by attacks directed at Mango. Combat ensued!

Session 18

  • The party and the kobold patrol make peace after the Kobold leaders realize Maegrym is not the dwarf they are looking for.
  • Harrow negotiated with the Kobolds. The kobolds took Maji and Mango to speak with their leadership in the kobold lair.
  • Once the kobolds had left the scene Harrow, Maegrym, and Aelvin were left on the battlefield to contemplate their next move.
  • 3 strangers surprise the party. 2 HUGE figures, and one a normal human: Khalic, Eglath, and Quinn. All three have apparently been tailing the party for weeks. Quinn is a former Horn Lord employee, Khalic is a worshipper of Gorum, and Eglath is a wandering Half-Giant.
  • The kobolds provided us with two guides, Belvor and Zerioth, to lead us to the goblin mines where it is hoped that the party can dispatch the Dwarven leader Gorlug Ironbeard.
  • It is decided that the three newcomers will join the party.
  • The party spends a day traveling to the mine camp of the goblins, discovering a ritual circle outside camp that the dwarf uses on occasion.
  • The party scouts the goblin encampment. It is decided that an ambush on the dwarf at his ritual site would be much easier than an all out assault on the goblin camp. Night falls as the party waits at the ritual clearing. Four Ogres escort Ironbeard to the glade.
  • Quinn, a shapeshifting druid, takes on the form of a pig and distracts the ogres on watch. The party attacks!!
  • Khalic the half-orc jumps into the fray landing a vicious blow to one of the Ogres, and taking many in return. Eglath moves with surprising grace for one so large and beats about the ogres with his mighty spear. Quinn dodges in and out of the mass of inhumanity as a boar. Harrow lands a brutal strike on an ogre nearly slaying it with one blow. One of the kobolds (Zerioth) falls in the battle. Gorlug is slain and beheaded. It is found that the fabled Wyrmskull was being worn by Gorlug.
  • Maegrym picks up the helm but hasn't donned it.
  • The party hurriedly collects a few items from the fallen ogres and dwarf and sneak away into the night forest, the goblin camp on their heels.

Session 19

  • The party enters the Goblin camp outside the mine and finds it deserted.
  • After searching the camp they find the Gorlug's diary and ritual book. In the diary they find out that Gorlug is connectef to Issia, and that gold is being mined here. They find a couple hundred gold pieces, some gems, and some old Elven art.
  • The party believes the goblins went into the mine, and not having patience decided to root them out right away.
  • They encounter a sizable goblin force in the first large area in the mine and make easy work of them.
  • The party searches a little farther and find an elevator shaft that descends deeper. They decide not to explore where the shaft leads to until the current level has been fully searched and cleared of Goblins.
  • In the next area they find a cavern that opens up and encounter a mated pair of wyverns guarding their nest. They manage to kill the wyverns and find 7 eggs in the nest.
  • The party decides to take out the eggs before searching any farther.

Session 20

  • The party clears out a large portion of the mines, slaying goblin after goblin, and even a Black Pudding!
  • After countless battles, the Hellboars leave the mine to rest, planning to return in the morning.

Session 21

  • After a nights rest the Hellboars enter the goblin mine for a second time.
  • More goblins are defeated. The party finds a natural underground water area where they dispose of two Blue Slimes.
  • After exploring the waterways the party finds a chamber they conclude was a secret hideout of the dwarf Gorlug.
  • The party leaves the mines, a wake of goblin corpses behind them.
  • Maegrym spends the evening examining Gorlug's notes, finding various information on the history of his clan, the Wyrmskull helm, and his connection with Issia.

Session 22

  • The Hellboars finished exploring and clearing out the mines and decided to go back to the Kobold lair.
  • Harrow blows the horn to summon the kobolds. Out of nowhere Mango and Maji appear and tell the party that they were held captive and found out that they were going to be sacrificed to their god and decided it was best to escape. They claimed they slew ~50 Kobolds during their escape. No one believes them.
  • The Party, knowning that it is now war, gives the half-orc the Wyrmskull helm and decides to head into the caverns.
  • The party reaches a part of the cavern where many kobolds are residing and see that they have captured a Dragonborn who is calling for the party to free them.
  • A battle erupts, and shortly thereafter the Dragonborn takes his true form, that of a young red dragon. It unleashes hell and brimstone upon the party but the party slays the dragon with a few very close calls.
  • A few of the party members climb a cliff in the dragon's lair and find the most pathetic dragon horde in the history of Golarion.

Session 23

  • The Hellboars explore areas around the Kobold Lair.
  • Our adventurers comes upon the sounds of soothing music, driven by soft bells. They find the source of this music the fey nymph creature "Silvana".
  • Asked to contribute to Silvana's music, we learn the party is …. musically challenged! After breaking a few of her instruments, Silvana asks all but Eglath to leave the soothing grove.
  • Egalth works his biggy magic, impressing Silvana enough to allow him to enjoy her company for the evening. Silvana departs for her world in the morning.
  • While exploring, the Hellboars find a strange village of small tree-dwelling bear creatures that speak an unknown language. The party follows a grouping of ~200 of them to an area where they are chanting in the presence of a large golden metallic statue. The party decides to return to them at a later date.
  • The party stumbles upon a Kobold patrol, many miles from their lair. Even though most of the members suffer from some ongoing ailment, the Hellboars easily dispose of the Kobolds.

Session 24

  • The golden statue in F16a is identified as the Elven Goddess Calistria, Goddess of trickery, lust, and revenge. The area is found to be an ancient village of a tree-dwelling civilization.
  • The Hellboars leave the baby-bears to their golden diety and head to an abandoned goblin lair in E16.
  • Shortly after the investigative group completed it's search of the cave, Quinn is heard screaming at the entrance. Looking out of the entrance reveals 4 Owlbears lingering about. A battle ensues!
  • After much pain and bloodshed, the party defeats the 4 Owlbears and begins a short rest on the front lawn. Within 3 minutes a huge owlbear with revenge on it's breath lumbers casually toward their camp.
  • The Hellboars retreat into the goblin cave to rest for the night, hoping that the Owlbeast does not track their place of rest.
  • The following morning the party engages the enraged Winterclaw Owlbear and quickly dispatches the huge but clumsy oaf.
  • The lair of the Winterclaw Owlbear contains the remains of many victims, some identified as bandits, others innocent travels, and some as nothing but cleaned bones! Various glowing invaluable stuff is found by the Hellboars, including an Elven dish, a shiney thingy, and best yet, a goblin water bong!!

Session 25

  • After thoroughly searching the abandoned lair for clues of the goblins departure, but more importantly for shiny booty, The Hellboars traveled back to Fort Blackstone.
  • The party explored a few areas on their way back to Fort Blackstone, finding nothing of importance.
  • A ruined barracks was noticed by The Hellboars as they approached the entrance to Fort Blackstone. Shortly after returning the party was given an overview by Mackins of the events that occurred during their 2-3 week departure.
    • An assault force of 10 trolls was spotted approaching the fort by the Blackstone patrol party. Even though they were prepared for the assault the defenders suffered a couple of causalities in defense of the fort, a laborer from Restov and one of the dozen guardsmen. The guard's position was taken by Carrick, who was instrumental in the defense against the troll assault.
    • Kalandra has been hiding away in the prison area of the keep and requested to see Maegrym when he returned. Maegrym, knowing the gorging ways of rats, predicted she would be fat on the endless flow of cheese from the horn of Plenty gifted to her. Not only was he correct, but he also is now the proud owner of a partially (ab)used but still functioning Horn of Plenty. Kalandra has joined the patrol party and will slay anyone commenting on her weight.
    • Mackins asked the lords if he could devote resources to building a LARGE sea galley in the Tuskwater so his fishing crew could at least have a fighting chance against the dreaded Titan Of The Tuskwater, and eventually extract the much sought after Tuskwater eels. He claims the Eels will be a big economic boon for the nations economy.
    • Egalth, using a ornate horn, called forth his Hippogriffon mount. The beast drew the attention of everyone in Fort Blackstone, but none more than Aelvin, who asked to go on a ride. Egalth took Aelvin on quick ride around the Tuskwater.
    • Khalic makes endless advances towards Quinn, thinking he was an elf for some reason……
    • An emissary from Pitax left a sealed message for the "Lords of the Stolen Land". The scroll is an invitation by none other than King Castruccio Irovetti of Pitax. The invitation was for a team composed of representitives of The Stolen Lands to compete in his annual Brawl Ball tournament, an event where competititors attempt to score points by carrying a ball into the opponents backzone, all the while trying to keep their heads on their shoulders! The grand prize for this seasons event was shown on the invitation, and was recognized as the shard some of the party members carry. The party sent a confirmation message back to Pitax.
  • The Hellboars headed out the following morning, exploring a few remaining areas to the east of the Fort.
  • The party then traveled north of the once goblin mines and explored some areas in the north western Greenbelt.
  • One of the areas contained numerous orchards containing a bright red fruit known as blood fruit. Each of orchards are surrounded by grab grass, plant life that latches onto any living creature within range, limiting movement and causing irritation to the skin.
  • During travel through these orchards the party came upon 4 old men, some of them screaming in pain, crying for help. The party assisted them and were asked to retrieve a large and heavy crate of theirs from one of these grab grass area. Egalth and Khalic, having little trouble moving through the grab grass, were unable to lift the crate in the center of a patch of grab grass. The "old" men revealed their true nature and jumped the party, blasting the Hellboars with evil energy and dark druidic powers. After a tough battle the party defeated the dark druids and are tending to their wounded.

Session 26

  • The Hellboars searched the Dark Druid's living area and uncovered a vast treasure consisting of coins and magical wares, mostly from bandit victims. One item, an ancient medallion, was found locked in wooden box, The Emblem of Ossandrya!
  • The Hellboars completed the exploration of the area of The Greenbelt requested by The Swordlords.
  • During this final week of exploration The Hellboars came upon a wooded hut and a large fenced in area in C15, home to the Pact Hag Nilliandria (Nilly). Nilly's pets, 4 large boars named Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, stood atop a small hill next to the Nilly's hut, watching the party. Nilly offered to exchange knowledge for service, and The Hellboars agreed to bring her trained boars to replace the ones that were slain a few months earlier by … an unknown source. Nilly gave the party a Harrow Deck reading that revealed past, present, and future events related to the shards some of the party possesses. Nilly was especially interested in young Aelvin.
  • Leaving Nilly's, the party headed C14 and found a farm consisting of crops, large pens, two housing buildings, and a barn of some sort. These farms belong to the Tarvill and Goodmen farmer families. The party immediately recognized several boars in the pen, among various other farm animals. The livestock came to life as the party approached the farm, bringing Roscoe and Gertrude Goodmen outside to investigate. After heated negotiations, a 1,000 gold shilling piece from Eglath was all that was needed to persuade the farmers into giving the party 6 young adult boars.
  • Boars in tow, The Hellboars headed to Oleg's for an update. Without greenbelt bandit activity, Oleg's is once again drawing in hunter, travellers and traders. The party left their boars with Oleg and headed to Restov.
  • In Restov, The Hellboars gave The Swordlords a summary of their recent activities and that they explored the area of the Greenbelt in their charter. The Swordlords, happy to hear of the good news, informed the party that the colonists' arrival in the Greenbelt is on schedule for 15 Calistril.

Session 27

  • The Hellboars remained in Restov for a few more days, running various errands.
  • The Hellboars entertained the patrons of the Dragon's Decree with a splendid montage of oration, "music", and bravado.
  • Maegrym, Aelvin, Eglath, and Quinn spent a few days in the Swordlord's secret library, researching various topics including Gorlug's past, the red dragons they've encountered in the Greenbelt, Elf Gates, and House Rogarvia.
  • Harrow spent a few days shopping for groovy digs, a day or 2 commissioning trinkets and cloaks for the party, and pulling a practical joke on the rest of the Hellboars by sending them to a mortuary for their fitting. Harrow tracked down a shipwright, a defector from Issia named Timmia Tunuck, that will come to Fort Blackstone if he's ready to leave when the party does, or he'll come with the colonists in the spring. He also spent a day in the Swordlord's library.
  • Khalic, not enjoying the company of book thingies, spent a few days carousing in taverns. During one of his visits in the slums of Restov, Khalic cleaned out a local ruffian gang from a simple tavern on the outskirts of Restov. Khalic became a local hero with the barkeep, the owner, and especially the skags of the bar. Khalic also trained with the Swordlords, besting most of their trainees, and coming to a stalemate with one of their up and coming warrior women, Vivianna.
  • Egalth spent some time in the library, some time wallowing in the Dragon's Decree, and a day communing with his precious stone. He also spent private time with Aelvin, taking him on a ride on his Hippogriff.
  • In addition to his time in the Swordlord's library, Quinn spent a day outside of what the party believes is a Pathfinder Society location just outside Restov. He was ignored, left to sit outside the tower entrance for the remainder of the day. He knows they are in there……

Session 28

  • The Hellboars time in Restov comes to an end, as they make plans for returning to Fort Blackstone.
  • Timmia Tunuck, the Issian defector and ex-shipwright, sells his shop The Tiny Trawler and travels with the Hellboars to Fort Blackstone.
  • Less than 2 hours outside of Fort Blackstone, The Hellboars come upon the remains of a battle between their Blackstone Patrol and a Drow ambush party. Kalandra was able to save all but Maji, who died during the engagement. Kalandra spotted the Drow party carrying Lillianna off SW.
  • The Hellboars send the patrol back to Fort Blackstone, with Timmia, and pursue the Drow SW.
  • Following Quinn's exceptional tracking ability, The Hellboars easily follow in the footsteps of the Drow party, eventually leading them to the base of Candlemere Tower, on the isle in the middle of Candlemere lake (I18).
  • Crossing the icy waters of Lake Candlemere without much difficulty, The Hellboars head straight to the crumbling remains of the stone tower at the isle's center. Their they find a recently hidden entrance at the base of the ancient and crumbling tower.
  • Quinn recognizes the craftsmanship of the tower and it's tunnels as ancient Elven work, but mentions it was, and is, rare for Elves to build stone structures.
  • In hot pursuit of the Drow party, The Hellboars head into the dungeons of Candlemere tower.
  • The Hellboars travel through a winding tunnel sloped downward, leading them straight into a Drow trap in the first room of the complex. The room contained a large brass statue in it's center, an all too suspicious sight for most of the party.
  • The brass statue, of course, comes alive and combat erupts! Even though the Hellboars were caught in hand crossbow crossfire, and were in a scrum with the Bronze Ward, Harrow was able to teleport past the wooden portcullis and relieve the Drow Blackknife of her controlling necklace. Unable to read the runes on the necklace, Harrow passed it to Elf-looking Quinn, who was easily able to read the runes and command the Bronze Ward! With a Bronze Ward companion, the Drow welcoming party perished quickly.
  • After searching a wing of the complex, The Hellboars stumbled upon a group of Drow warriors led by a female Drow Warrioress. Again, with the assistance of the Bronze Ward, The Hellboars quickly defeated the warrior party, leaving one Drow alive for questioning!

Session 29

  • The Drow Warrioress resisted all interrogating attempts, forcing the party to bind her in the arms of the Bronze Ward.
  • Search of the western wing revealed little about the long abandoned Elven complex, other than this area, and all others searched, have been recently in use by Drow.
  • Heading east, the party stumbled upon a pair of Drow Adventurers dragging an unconscious body down a southern hallway. It's Lilianna! A pursuit erupts!! One of the Drow drags Lilianna down a side corridor while the other continues to run south. The Hellboars follow Lilianna's captor, trapping him in a dead-end room. The Hellboars make short work of him and attend to Lilianna's wounds.
  • Exploration leads the party to the SE corner of the complex, where the other captor was last seen heading. The Hellboars enter the living quarters of a Drow Priestess and this 2nd captor, forcing a engagement! Even though the Drow summon blinding darkness, the Hellboars quickly dispose of the Drow. Searching her room uncovers many notes written in an Elven script vaguely familiar to Quinn. The notes are stored for a future investigation.
  • After exploring many more empty rooms, the party enters a room that is cold, with moonlight streaking in from an exposed roof area. Hovering near this ceiling are 3 Beholder Gauth, the same creatures the party barely vanquished many months ago near Oleg's. Even though the Gauth's use their hovering ability to force the combat at range, the Hellboars eventually slay the pesky Gauths. The hole is the ceiling is recognized as being at least twice as large as needed for the Gauths to come and go. Could a larger creature have bored this giant hole in the ceiling???
  • A secret doorway is found that opens to the last unchecked corridor in the complex. Fifty feet of travel down this dark corridor leaves the Hellboars at a huge metal door, intact, even after 1000s of years. A key found on the Drow Priestess unlocks the door to a octagon shaped stone room with mystical engravings etched into a domed ceiling, the motif of the room much different than the rest of the complex. Standing in the center of the room is a large archway, almost 25' in height, with runes carved into each of the two faces perpendicular to the floor. One side has 7 arch patterns, stacked on each other, with 1 hole in each of the 7 arches, at the top of the Gate. The other side has 2 rune carvings, 1 on each of the arch's arms, and each with a hole in it's center. Across the top of the arch is a blank area with a 3rd hole.
  • Moments after entering the room the party hears gurgling cackling speech from the top center of the dome. Torches reveal a beholder, 10' wide by 10' tall, as the source of this unintelligible gibberish, floating in the center top of the room. Battle erupts!!!
  • Throughout much of the battle, the beholder possesses Khalic to attack his friends. The beholder also turns many party members temporarily to stone. After a long and brutal battle with the aberrant monstrosity, Harrow, at the brink of unconsciousness, summons inner revenannt-stength to avoid dropping. Opting to deal the final blow to the beast instead of taking a defensive posture, Harrow lunges toward the beholder, missing!! The beholder, seeing an opportunity to finally deliver his slaying attack, unleashes with a Death Ray attack on Harrow, ….. overwhelming him and dropping him instantly!
  • The party slays the beholder within seconds of Harrow's fall, but it is too late. Harrow has died. Again??
  • With Harrow's corpse in tow, the party uncovers a secret room south of the gate room, a memorial chamber for ancient Elven heroes. Found inside the tomb was an intact Elven cloak of swirling leaves!

Session 30

  • With the Elf Gate complex quiet The Hellboars spend time researching the paperwork found in the quarters of the Drow Priestess. With Quinn's assistance, Maegrym is able learn the Raise Dead ritual. Unfortunately, the party does not have the components to perform the ritual.
  • Quinn performs a Animal Messenger ritual on a robin, instructing her to go to Fort Blackstone and ask Askbrook to send someone to Restov, another to Oleg's to purchase 1000gp worth of healing unguents. The bird arrives at the Fort within a couple of hours and Ashbrook immediately sends the purchasers on their way.
  • The Hellboars travel back to Fort Blackstone, Harrow's corpse in tow. A few days later Ashbrook returns from Oleg's but was only able to purchase 150gp in healing unguents, all that Oleg had. A few days pass before Mango returns from Restov with 1500gp in healing unguents, remembering that they'll need more than 1000gp to revive Carrick, Maji and Harrow.
  • A late night ritual is performed on Harrow, and of course it was assisted by the Gorum Brothers. Harrow is alive!!! Or, is he re-dead? Unlive? Mostly undead??? Partially, …… whatever, he's back, …. and cranky for being "dead" for so long!
  • The Hellboars mount their horses and head out for Pitax! A few days later, and much sooner than they had planned, they arrive at Pitax, almost 2 weeks before the Blood Ball festivities begin.
  • Arriving in Pitax early has it's benefits. While the prices are still reasonable, and the stocks still high, The Hellboars are able to purchase a large pavilion tent, order uniforms for their soon-to-be-built 16-man team, reserve some rooms for a few nights while their camp is setup, and most important of all, Harrow was able to track down exactly 50 female "helpers". These helpers are trained in everything from cooking and cleaning, to motivational therapy and ….. more!
  • Signing up for the Blood Ball event revealed the rules and regulations of the tournament. The Hellboars realize they not only do not have enough players to fill the 16-man roster, but they also did not bring enough bodies to field a 11-man team!! Eglath to the rescue!
  • Eglath is sent on a mission to retrieve the most athletic folks from Fort Blackstone to head to Pitax ASAP to participate in the Blood Ball! Eglath summons his Hippogriff outside of view of Pitax, heads to Fort Blackstone, but within his first day of travel is shocked at what he spots from above. He first spots a large gathering of ~300 troops just north of the festival grounds. Seeing many archers’ wielding longbows, Elgath opts not to get any closer for a better look. Half a days travel east, Eglath spots a group of ~24 mercenaries traveling east, one day outside of Pitax. Upon closer inspection, Eglath believes these men resemble the heavily armed, armored, and trained Pitaxian guardsman. These guardsmen were identified as belonging to the Pitaxian Mythic Slayer cult, a well-trained group of elite warriors.
  • Eglath turns around and travels back to The Hellbaor's pavilion to report these odd spottings. With limited time to fill their Blood Ball roster, Eglath leaves for Fort Blackstone.

Session 31

  • Eglath makes his way back to Fort Blackstone but the patrol is out and he is unable to find them. He makes a quick trip to Oleg's to pick up the necklaces and cloaks Harrow ordered from Restov. On his way back to Pitax, one day from Blackstone, Eglath is riddled with a dozen arrows. After recovering, Eglath returns to Fort Blackstone to warn them of a possible assault and to assure the residents help will arrive if needed,
  • Back in Pitax, The Hellboars prepare for the upcoming Blood Ball event.
  • Harrow sends Aelvin on various investigation missions through Pitax, to find out about: the army outside Pitax, the Pitaxian warband traveling east, whether or not there's a rebellion or prisoners below Pitax, where to find a Blood ball, info on Blood Ball teams participating in the tournament, and anything involving the rumors about Drow skulking about the city. Harrow spends some time enjoying the pleasures of their comfort girls.
  • Khalic spends most of his time ensuring the comfort girls are worth the price they paid for them. He also spends some time training with other Blood Ball players, including some Halflings and the Elves camped outside Pitax.
  • Quinn spends most of his 2 weeks in discussion with the army battalion outside of Pitax. Quinn informs the elves of the Elfgate at Candelmere Tower, the Drow activity they eradicated, and some minor information on the keystones they possess. Quinn is able to convince they Elves to participate on their Blood Ball team if The Hellboars will come to Kyonin to speak with the High Council about their findings. The Elven General Aelen Meraliraennil agreed to 10 of his best Elven players to join the Hellboar Blood Ball team. The agreement will give The Hellboars any of the prizes they win in exchange for traveling to Kyonin to speak with the Elven Council.
  • Maegrym's two weeks Pitax is mostly spent helping setup their tent area near Rumble Stadium. He also spends enough time training with a replica Blood Ball to gain proficiency with the instrument, both for on field play and it's use as a projectile weapon.
  • Some of The Hellboars place bets on this year’s teams. Quinn and Khalic bet 500 and 40 gold, respectively, on The Hellboars. Eglath, seeing hope in the pathetic Little Giants Halfling team beats 120g on the little fellas.
  • The 5th annual Pitaxian Blood Ball event finally begins on Calistril 14, starting with 2 days of form submission for the teams and their players. On the 16th the teams were inspected for legal players, with only a crazed goblin team having several unfit "players".
  • The Hellboars throw a invitations-only party at their big top party palace. Several captains from other teams attended, including Lady Matilda of The Bitch Queens, Rocko "Stoneballs" Buck of Gorum's Gladiators, Jojo "Eggplant" Ebbles of the Hungry Halflings, and a few others. Rocko "Stoneballs" Buck has a fondness of for booze, babes, and booze, and wears a speedo pelt with furry boots.
  • On Calistril 17th the teams were introduced to the crowd for the first time. Notable happenings included The Little Giants showing up with a huge treant player, sending awes throughout the crowd, not to mention sending the betting line on The Little Giants through the roof! King Klakky, the captain of the Bullywug team The Hooktongue Croakers is thought to be the Bullywug that successfully swam across Lake Tuskwater, gaining the Kingship of the Bullywug tribe. The captain of The Blood Guard team was not present, leaving his 15 other team to come out alone. The team from Blackstand, The Uplander's Demise, did not come out when announced. No one knows why, but officials have removed them from the event. The female orc captain of the Pitch Fiends not only has the same last name as Khalic Winterwind, members of the Hellboars claim she looks a LOT like Khalic and guess her age to be around mid 30s!! The goblin team "The Choppa Boyz", from The River Kingdoms, has two trolls on their team, each walking down opposite sidelines. The Shrikewood Bruisers, a team of 16 Ogres, is the first time a full team of ogres has participated, and is currently the one of the favored teams in the betting pool. A Gnoll team from far away Katapesh in Garund is here, and no one knows why. The Wanders of Thraxervurm, a team of disorganized Kobolds seems to be remnants of the kobold lair the Hellboars cleaned out months earlier.
  • Prize demonstrations reveal, for 3rd place, a magical table that can summon feasts and 8,000 gold coins. For 2nd place, a box is shown that transformed the presenter into a tree and 16,000 gold. And finally, an unknown shining shard that draws little interest from most onlookers, and 32,000 gold, drawing oooohs from the crowd. Following the presentations was a display of the wonderful culture of Pitax; music, plays, readings, poetry, comedies, and reenactments. Finally, that night a party is thrown on the field for all of the teams.

Session 32

  • Eglath informs The Hellboars that a close friend has let him know that their fort is not in jeopardy by the suspected Pitaxian Guard assault force traveling East.
  • The Hellboars hold a wild party the night before the first Blood Brawl matchups. Notable attendees include most of the players from the Gorum's Gladiators from Lastwall, and the Beerhall Brawlers from Karlsgard, Land of Linnorm Kings. Most of these players stay up all night, partying, joined by Khalic and Harrow. Several members of both teams have great difficulties the following morning, but Khalic and Harrow are ready to play some BLOOD BRAWL!
  • The 5th annual Pitaxian Blood Brawl Tournament (4711) commences!!
    • The Ogre team, The Shrikewood Bruisers, pummel the Beerhall Brawlers 3-0. Many of the Brawlers' players passed out mid game, from drinking too much at The Hellboars party the night before.
    • The first upset of the day was won by the Fire Storm kobold team, beating last years 4th place team, The Champions of Thrune, 3-0.
    • Assault & Battery, a Dwarf team from Issia, beat the Lizardmen team Jurassic Juggernauts, 3-1.
    • The Blood Guard of Nidal, without it's captain, was slaughtered by the well-oiled Pitch Fiends Orc team, 3-0.
    • The Little Giants, a Halfling team that came in last place in last years Blood Brawl event, beat the all female (Amazon) team from Jol, Land of Linnorm Kings, The Bitch Queens, 3-0. The Halflings of The Little Giants mostly watched their newly acquired Treemen star player Barkbeard Ironbranch rampage through the ladies from Jol.
    • Another Halfling team, The Love Bugs, somehow take a win from the Average Joes human team from Brevoy, 3-1.
    • The vampric team the Nightcrawlers rolled over the pathetic Hooktongue Croakers 3-0. Every player on the Nightcrawlers was draped in long and all-encompassing cloaks.
    • Gorum's Gladiators spent too much time drinking at The Hellboars party the previous night and lose a sloppy battle to The Choppa Boyz, 3-0. The Trolls of the Choppa Boyz spend the entire match on different sidelines, slaying any Gladiators that came within their reach!
    • The Kolvar Kickaxe employs regimented skirmish and BloodBrawl tactics to humiliate the far-traveled Gnolls from Katapesh, taking the easy victory by a score of 3-0.
    • The Druma dwarves of The Magnificent Mountaineers team steamroll the little gnomes of the Fey's Fury team, 3-0.
    • Around noon, The Hellboars finally get their chance to play! Seconds before the kickoff the "humans" of the Hell Rats all turn into wererats, … save one player, Snarltooth, who turned into a giant Rat Ogre! The Hell Rats, executing quick and nimble movement tactic come close to scoring, but fail to do so and also lose a few players in the process. Hellboars 1-0. Eglath kicks off and speedily snatches up the ball and scores before the Hell Rats can form a defensive position. Hellboars 2-0. Eglath goes for a sideline kickoff but flips it's out of bounds, allowing a Hell Rat catcher to zip down field for a quick TD. Hellboars 2-1. The Hellboars turn to bruiser tactics and beat the snotling out of the remaining Hell Rat players, knock Snarltooth out of bounds, and score the final TD to take the match 3-1.
  • Much betting goes on throughout the day, some winners, many losers! Word in the stands is the top-runners for the trophy are Ogre team Shrikewood Bruisers, The Halfling team The Little Giants, the goblin Choppa Boyz team with their two trolls, and the merciless Hellboars!!

Session 33

  • After their victory over the Hell Rats, The Hellboars return to their camp to get patched up and cleaned up before returning to the stadium to view the remainder of the first days Blood Brawl games.
  • The Gloom of Doom, a ragtag group from all over, defeated the Fists of Galt in the first close match of the tourney, 3-2.
  • The Numerian Steelers, decked out in full Numerian steel regalia, defeat the frisky Kobolds team the Wanderers of Thraxervurm 3-1. The Steelers are a bit embarrassed they allowed the little bluedogs to score against them.
  • Back to the Destruction division, The Sarkoris Avengers, a full blooded Dragonborn team, defeats the pathetic Hungry Halflings by a score of 3-1.
  • In what is without a doubt the biggest upset in Blood Brawl history, the tournament favorite, and last year’s champion, The Blazing Stars fall to the crafty tactics of the Bulbhead goblin team. The Blazing Stars, in a posture of overconfidence, freely allowed the Bulbheads to score the first point while they address the crowd with their evangelism. This would prove to be a big mistake as the Blazing Stars were unable to wrangle in the slippery goblins before they scored two more points. 3-2 Bulbheads!!!
  • The last game of the first Blood Brawl 4711 day resulted in a 3-0 win for the Sore Losers, who beat da DreamSmasha'z.
  • Upon returning to their campsite to turn in for the evening, The Hellboars are greeted by one familiar face and a new one. Their adventuring companion Ashbrook Urssen traveled from Fort Blackstone to Pitax to inform the Hellboars of an attack against their fort by a band of heavily armed, armored, and organized men. Had it not been for a large flying beast that Ashbrook claims to be a dragon, Fort Blackstone may have fallen. Who or what this dragon creature was was not known by anyone in the fort. The beast dropped from the sky, picked up an attacker in each of its huge claws and flew south toward the Tuskwater, returning and repeating this action until the attackers were no more.
  • The second visitor is a comely and well-composed blond haired human who is eventually revealed to be a friend of Eglath. After a long explanation by Eglath, the party is informed that this "man" is actually an old dragon. In human form he is referred to as Alganiss; while in his true form he is called Mengkare, Lord of Hermea. Mengkare is here to observe Aelvin, who he suspects may be a pure blooded Azlanti, a rarity thought to be lost with the death of the final true blooded Anzlant Aeroden. He asks The Hellboars not to inform Aelvin of his observations and to raise the boy as they have so far, and some day, if he is found to be the only true blooded Azlant, he will know his futures path.
  • The following morning the Hellboars meet The Kolvar Kickaxe on the Blood Brawl pitch for their 2nd match of the tournament. The Dwarven players are quickly found to be tough and durable but their Runner ball carriers do not don the tradition Dwarven armor that makes dwarves as tough as the earth. With less armor these runners quickly cross the pitch, but also quickly eat dirt from endless volleys of Elven arrows and Hellboar fury. Up 2-0, The Hellboars decide to sit out a drive and let the Elves take the pitch alone while they rest their ragged bones. The Hellboars need not return to the pitch this match. The Kickaxe focus too much on beating up on soft Elven skin and allow the nimble elves to make a pass play that gives The Hellboars a 3-0 victory!! I wonder who will receive the MVP???

Session 34

  • The battle of the giants takes place in the morning of the following day, pitting the ogre team The Shrikewood Bruisers vs the surprising combo of halflings and a treeman in The Little Giants. Again, focus revolves around Barkbeard Ironbranch and the little halflings take a 3-1 victory.
  • The Pitch Fiends beat up the goblins and their two trolls to take a 3-1 victory in the Destruction division.
  • Upon returning to their encampment, the Hellboars realize the absence of their comfort crew. A quick scan of the area reveals gnoll footprints everywhere, with most of them heading toward the city. The Hellboars begin the search for their lost ladies. A few tips in the city bring the party to the docs of Pitax, where it is learned that the gnolls left a couple of hours prior. Eglath takes flight to find the gnoll vessel while the rest of the Hellboars convince an old dwarf captain to don the piloting cap for one last adventure, but only if he can wear Maegrym's glorious winged helm! With a combination of adept captaining and brute force rowing the Hellboars eventually catch up with the gnoll vessel. The Hellboars catch and board the gnoll vessel before they are able to bring their catapult to bear. A battle ensues! The Hellboars, with a mix of flying, ranged and melee tactics quickly overwhelm the gnolls and capture their vessel and return their comfort crew to Pitax, just in time to get enough sleep in before their next match!

Session 34

  • Back to the Death division, The Hellboars played against the steel clad warlords of Numeria. After a long and brutal first drive, leaving both teams beaten and battered, the Hellboars take a 1-0 lead. After another brawl, followed by the star players of the Hellboars taking a break for a drive, the score was 2-1 Hellboars. Back on the pitch, The Hellboar star players run over the worn out Steelers and quickly score the winning TD. Harrow is voted game MVP, even though he struggled during the last couple of drives.
  • The last game of the final 8 has the Da'DreamSmashaz winning over The Gloom of Doom 3-2.
  • The final four of the tourney is set. In the Death division is The Little Giants vs The mighty Hellboars. In the Destruction division we'll have the Pitch Fiends against Da'DreamSmashaz.