Non-player Characters
Aelvin / Human / ~12
Excitable, enthusiastic, lucky, energetic, nimble Restovian orphan taken in by the Jurgle family. Aelvin worked in the Dragon's Decree as a servant and performing other menial tasks. Aelvin formed a special bond and fondness for the Hellboars after running errands for Harrow in Restov. Following the party on their journeys, he wishes to someday become a Pathfinder! Met when Harrow was looking for a messenger runner. Following the party, hoping to chronicle their journeys.
Alganiss / Gold Dragon / ~99999
See Mengkare Mangkare's human form. See Mengkare. See Mengkare.
Argavin / Human / ~20
Jovial, intelligent Bandit who seemed joyous leaving the Horn Lords bandits. Found sleeping in the middle of a bridge at E19 in the greenbelt. Helped ambush a group of bandits that were suppose to replace the crew thieving Oleg's. Greenbelt (E19), 5/22/4710
Argus "The Anvil" & Hogarth "The Stoic"
Chaotic, agressive, preachy, demanding Acolyte priests of Gorum from Restov. Brought to Fort Blackstone by Mango to spread the faith of Gorum. Fort Blackstone, in patrol party
Arlissa the seamstress
Quiet, loner A quiet seamstress from New Stetven, Arlissa lost her husband to a bandit attack last fall. She has been tasked with creating a flag and banners for the Hellboars of the Greenbelt. Found imprisoned in the Horn Lord's fortress. Seamstress of Blackstone Fort
Belvor & Zerioth (*RIP*) / Kobolds / ?
Quiet, stealthy Two kobolds from area G15. Escorted the party to the goblin mines in F17, showing them how the goblin camp was organized. Zerioth was slain in the battle with Gorlug. Belvor "accidently" fell to his death in goblin mines Goblin mines (E17)
Benjen / Human / 30s
Cocky, brave, clever, charismatic. Respects the Primal forces. Led a group of ~20 men to trap the giant Carrion Crawler that dwelt near the wererats' lair. His men were no match for the beast and were decimated in short order. The opening to the Great Crawler's Pit. Last seen running from the beast after helping to recover the wererats' treasure.
Captain Glenn / Human / ~22
Adventurous, rowdy, couragous, crazy Ex-bandit who is a fine sailor and lives the life of one, even if only on the Tuskwater. Ex Horn Lord bandit that agreed to be the party's sea captain and led the party on a scouting mission of the Tuskwater, finding the legendary Titan of the Tuskwater kraken. Fort Blackstone, where he is top sailor for Tuskwater lake travels and fishing expiditions.
Carrick Langamar / Human / ~20
Serious, stoic, couragous Ex-bandit who swore oath to Horn Lord to obey his command and follow the orders of his commander. Bandit captured in fight at bridge in E19. Convinced to work for the party by promising to take another oath, "not to harm them" and help "defend Oleg's". Is hoping party frees him of his oath with the Horn Lord. Fort Blackstone, in patrol party
Elanor / Human / 19
Beautiful (9/10), kind, non-adventurous Women from Restov that's interested in starting a family in the Party's new lands. Mango is trying to get her and Jord together. Found by Argavin in search for beautiful women that would be interested in living in the Greenbelt. Fort Blackstone
Ellevinna / Human / ~20
Pretty (8/10), quiet, shy An attractive women, Ellevinna knows how to use what she has to get what she wants. One of two women from Varnhold rescued from a spider den by the party. At Fort Blackstone
Gorlug Talhirk (Ironbeard) (*RIP*) / Dwarf / 70s
Intelligent, crafty, impatient An exiled general from The Five Kings Mountains area in Druma, Gorlug had connections to Issia and operated the Wormwood goblin powered gold mine in F17. Gorlug's real surname is Talhirk and he is form the same clan as Ordrik Talhirk. Ordrik murdered his cousin in 4369 and seized the throne of the Five Kings, triggering the Forge War. Ordrik’s theocracy crumbled in 4466. Ambushed and slain after leaving the goblin hamlet to perform a midnight ritual in a clearing. Head in possession of the party
Groola Winterwind / Orc / ~30s
Strong, boisterous, blunt Suspected mother of Khalic Winterwind. Team captain of the Pitch Fiends Blood Brawl team from Belkzen. Met during Pitaxian Blood Brawl 4711. Pitaxian Blood Brawl 4711
Tarvill and Goodmen Families
Rural, simple, brash, blunt Two farmer families who left Brevoy in fear of a pending Issian invasion that would overtake their farm. Party found their farm while exploring C14. Party purchased 6 of their (Thunderfury) Boars for the Pact Hag Nilly. Their farm in C14
Hanzel Vermussen / Human / 30s
Quiet, Studious, Dedicated, Hardy Jord Stjordvik's right-hand man, Hanzel chronicles every activity they're involved in. Follows Jord everywhere he goes, even to the bathroom. Followed Jord to The Greenbelt. Working at Fort Blackstone, assisting Jord.
Harold & Ginny
Normal Cooks from Restov that agreed to go to the Stolen Lands with the party. Recruited in Restov by Maegrym after a call for cooks for a cooking contest. Traveling to Fort Blackstone via barge
Harvey & Travis
Couragous, foolhardy, friendly, honest Harvey & Travis are hunting buddies under Vinchens leadership. they operate out of Oleg's Meet at Oleg's and are continually seeing them as they come & go on hunting trips in the NW of the Greenbelt Prisoners at Horn Lord's fort
Horn Lord (Grolek Zoggins) (*RIP*)
Wereboar, cruel, evil, tall & strong, commanding Grolek Zoggins, born a wereboar, was raised along the twin river valleys where Lambreth (in The River kingdoms) currently is. During his young adult years, Grolek participated in the defense his lands against werewolves from Ustalav. The wereboars relunctantly allied with local wererats in fear of being run over by the werewolves. Two years of fighting eventually drove the wereboars and wererats out of the twin river valleys. Grolek lead his new found 3 wererat friends to the Wilewood in Sevenarches. There he formed a small force of bandits in hope of eventually overthrowing the werewolves. The local elves ran Grolek out of the Wilewood for banditry, not knowing he held one of their prized possessions, an Elf Key he found during his time in the Wilewood. This Elf Key drew him and his small band to the the Greenbelt in the Stolen Lands, where he planned on taking over the area with banditry. Grolek wore a glowing shard in his helm that led others to follow under him. Leader of a bandit group terrorizing the Greenbelt Slain at his fort in the Greenbelt
Jacques / Human / Late teens
Intelligent, adventurous A lost soul from Rostland, Jacques traveled to the Stolen Lands to seek fun and adventure. Here, he was recruited into the ranks of the Horn Lord and tasked with banditry duties for the past ~6 months. Jacques has supplied the party with valuable information on the Horn Lords bandit operations. The sole survivor of the bandit battle at Olegs, Jacques was brought back to health by the party and is now working for them as a guard for Oleg. Fort Blackstone
Resilient, honest, hard-working Human bandit under the Horn Lord, he lost his band to a Beholder Gauth attack near hex D18 Jumped Harrow while the party was resting in D18. Subdued and informed of ther Horn Lor's demise, Jerimiah agreed to follow the party. Fort Blackstone
Jord Stjordvik / Human / 30s
Educated, Driven, Professional, Ambitious A gifted civil engineer and expert blacksmith (+22) from Restov, Jord left Brevoy to escape political corruption. He is willing to build up the area around Oleg's, the rest of the Greenbelt, in exchange for a top position in the forming Government. The party has granted him the position to be named in the future. Found by Argavin in Restov while searching for smithys to come to Greenbelt. Working at Fort Blackstone, organizing building of various structures.
Jurgle's / Human / 30s, 10-11
Educated family in a long line of merchants. Proprietors of the Dragon's Decree The party stayed at the Dragon's Decree for winning the 3M Challenge. During their stay, The Dragon's Decree was set ablaze by Sebastian Starg and his cronies. Eolan Truesight was integral in putting out the fire and saving at least some of the inn from begin destroyed. Restov, 4/9/4710
Kalandra / Wererat / ?
Greedy, sneaky, loves wine and cheese. Hates civilization and its filth. Not unattractive, but nubile. Evil and self-serving, but not pledged to any Dark Agent. Works for the Horn Lord and has a lot of useful information, but is likely still holding some back. Life spared in exchange for her assistance with infiltrating the Horn Lord's jails. Has been promised Maegrym's Basket of Everlasting Provisions in exchange for Zokk's key Part of a family of wererats that tried to steal from the party. Fort blackstone, , in patrol party
Klyff Ironwood / Shifter / 30s
Artsy, creative, proud, loner Expert blacksmith (+22) from Restov. Looking to do more creative smith work. Found by Argavin in Restov while searching for smithys to come to Greenbelt. Working in Restov to support impending war
Kyrea / Human / 22
Pretty (8/10), business-like, dry Women from Restov that's interested in starting a business in the Party's new lands. Found by Argavin in search for beautiful women that would be interested in living in the Greenbelt. Fort Blackstone
Leanna / Human / ~17
Pretty (7/10), alone Only member of family to survive bandit attack in B21. Found crying in forest after a bandit attack killed the rest of her family. Left Oleg's to travel to Brevoy
Lilianna / Human / 20s
Adventurous, outspoken, fit, opinionated Althetic, fit, and attractive, Lillianna has adventure in her blood and wants to go on grand quests! Found by Argavin in search for beautiful women that would be interested in living in the Greenbelt. Fort Blackstone, in patrol party
Proud, freindly, goofy, reliable A jolly ole chap with a scottish accent and cool demenaor, Mackins was one of the Horn Lord's former toughs, 2nd in command of Fort's elite guard. Fought the party in defense of the Horn Lord's fort. Bailiff of Blackstone Fort
Mammoth / Yak / Adult
Skittish, but easily calmed. Rescued from Goblin hunters by the party. A Goblin hunting camp. Oleg's being used as a draft animal by Jord.
Margie / Human / ~19
Ugly (2/10), fun and funky! Large and in charge, Margie knows what she's got and knows how to use it! One of two women from Varnhold rescued from a spider den by the party. At Fort Blackstone
Master Pogo / Human / 40s
Overweight, vocally impressive & eloquent Obese and short, but well groomed and well spoken. Besides his weight, his other obvious attribute is the powdered curly wig that he shamelessly wears. Pogo is the narrator of the Swordlord's 3M Challenge. While not a sworn member, Pogo is employed by the Swordlords. Met when the party entered the Swordlord 3M Challenge of 4710 (in Restov). Narrated the games, impartially of course. Swordlords dojo in Restov
Maxis "The Weeper" / Human / 17
Emotional, short, skinny, Weepy Emotionally weak, Maxis often cries under pressure. Captured after battle against a bandit assault force heading to Oleg's. Oleg's
Normal Broker from Restov that agreed to be the party's contact in Restov. Recruited in Restov by Maegrym. Restov
Mengkare / Gold Dragon / ~99999
Majestic, calm, posed, intelligent Ruler of Hermea, Mengkare is a gold dragon who can assume the form of a human when needed. "Father" and mentor to Eglath Pitax, 2/18/4711
Mira / Human / 29
Quiet, Focused Goldsmith (skill 6) shopkeeper in Restov. Commishioned by Harrow to craft trinkets for the Hellboars. Restov, at her shop
Mr. Ogilvy / Human / 30s
Educated, clean, poised A Wealthy merchant and his family traveling on a unrevealed mission through the Greenblet. Mr Ogilvy asked the party to protect his family during their travels south, allowing the party to coordinate with his 3 crossbow guardsman. Rewarded the party with a solid gold Dwarven statuette. Greenbelt (E19), 5/6/4710
Nilliandria (Nilly) / Pact Hag (Fey) / ?
Wise, old, rural A Pact Hag residing in a run-down hut in NE plains (C15) of the Greenbelt. Nilly makes pacts with willing subject, exchanging divination for chores of her request. Nilly has four pretective Dire Boar pets named Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Hellboars found her home while exploring. Party agreed to bring her some boars to replace the ones that were killed a few months back. In return, she gave a the party a Harrow Deck divination. Her home in C15
Ogrom / half-orc / 22 (*RIP*)
Orderly, cruel Strong half-orc archer and first in command under the Horn Lord. Engaged while leading a group of 30 bandits to assault Oleg's Tradepost. Captured and interrogated, Ogrum wasn't compliant and felt the wrath of the rope by the party. Dead after the final battle with assault force.
Oleg & Svetlana Leveton / Human / 30s
Serious, business-like, weathered A married couple, the Leveton's are the proprietors of "Oleg's Trading Post", a trading post just south of the Restov/Greenbelt border. The Levetons were issued a charter by the Swordlords to convert an abandoned and run-down border fort into a trading post. Oleg's opened for business nearly a year ago, but bandits arrived shortly thereafter demanding a "Greenbelt operations tax, by law of the Horn Lord". The bandits appeared at the end of every month, looting nearly everything of value. The party's first request by the Swordlords was to travel to Oleg's and see to Oleg's plea for help. Frequently. The party has made Oleg's a base of operations, for now.
Ponzi & Fonzi
Crafty, Sly, Sneaky, Sniveling Goblin brothers, Ponzi & Fonzi are short and skinny scouts for the wormwood clan. Found trailing behind a small goblin army to ensure no one was following the army. The party captured and interrogated the brothers, prying various information from them about the Wormwood goblins and their leader Gorlug. Set free, but tied to trees. Tied to trees in E18 on 9-17-4710
Silvana / Nymph / ?
Beautiful, Fey, peaceful, musical A fey creature from the First World, Silvana occasioanlly visits The Stolen Lands to play music for nature's creatures of this world. Found in a grove playing music, the party was asked to join her. Having ZERO musical skills all but Eglath was asked to leave the peaceful grove. Egalth spends the night in her company. Returned to the First World
Thraxervurm (*RIP*) / Young Red Dragon / ?
Cruel, deceptive Young red dragon worshipped by the kobolds in their lair in G15. Slain by the party while investigating her lair. She had the form of a dragonborn when they first met her. Harrow recognized markings on the dragon as similar to those of the giant red dragon that carried him off. Slain in Kobold lair
Timmia Tunuck / Human / 23
Vocal, grungy, motivated Issian defector and son of shipwright Normat Tunuck in Port Ice Issia, Timmia (shipwright skill 3) grew up around docks and shipyards, learning the trade from his father. After House Surtova took over Brevoy in the absence of House Rogarvia, taxes on Tunuck's Shipyard increased beyond what Timmia thought was fair and he left for Rostland in 4709. He opened the miniature shipcraft shop The Tiny Trawler in Restov. Asked by Harrow to join the Hellboars in in Fort Blackstone, Timmia agreed to go with them when they departed Restov, but only if he could sell his business in time, otherwise he'd travel with the colonists. Fort Blackstone, making plans to create a galley.
Vance Higgins / Human / 22
Wise, intelligent, well-spoken Trained soldier in Horned Lord's forces, Vance came from the River Kingdoms with the Horned Lord to start afresh Captured after battle against a bandit assault force heading to Oleg's. Asked to be set free to return to the River Kingdoms Returning to River Kingdoms
Victor / Human / 40s
Stoic, Business-like, Wide, Strong Tall, strong, elder member of the Swordlords. Even though he has gray hair he is very fit and an active Swordlord agent. Met as they entered the Swordlord 3M Challenge of 4710 (in Restov). Guided the party through the week's games. Swordlords dojo in Restov
Vilgor (Sebastian Starg) / Human / 20s
Quiet, cruel, aggressive, focused Found to be psionically possessed, it was discovered that Vilgor's true name is Sebastian Starg. Sebastian is compelled to infiltrate the Swordlords and prevent the colonization of the Greenbelt. Sebastian doesn't know why he's doing this, or who has instructed him to do so, but he knows he must. He doesn't know how he learned of the colonization of the Stolen Lands by the Swordlords. Met as a participant in the Swordlord 3M Challenge of 4710. During the challenge he offered 2 party members 25g to deliver fatal blows to other contestants. He was later caught as the plotter and mastermind behind the torching of The Dragon's Decree's inn. Chased down and captured by the party, Sebastian was later interrogated by the Swordlords and the party, where he revealed his plot to prevent the colonization of the Greenbelt. Disappeared from Swordlords captivity in Restov
Vinchens / Human / 20s
Fun, outgoing Leader of a band of hunters (Bolsen & Rulnur) who regularly hunt in an area about 30 miles SW of Oleg's. The party met Vin-Chens while staying at Oleg's. Vin-Chens pleaded with the party to rescue his comrades from a multi-armed beast. The party followed Vin-Chens to the hunting grounds and vanquished 2 Beholder Gauths, and stabilized the surviving hunting companions. Captured by the Horned Lord's servants (The "Yellow-Cap Twins", and released to deliver a message to the party. Fort Blackstone
Vivianna / Human / 24
Strong, althetic, smart, proud Heir to the lord of the Swordlords, Vivianna is in training and bests most of the other Swordlords in duels, both physical and mental. Dueled Khalic in Dec 4710 to a draw Swordlord's complex in Restov
William / Human / ~18
Stubborn, stern, disciplined A young bandit of the Horn Lord's, William was serious about his job until his blockade outpost work area was destroyed and his coworkers defeated by the party. William now travels north to leave The Greenbelt, or so it seems! The sole survivor of the dismantling of the bandit Sellen River blockade, William was interrogated and set free, unwilling to accept the party's offer for work. Greenbelt (F20), 5/7/4710
Zokk the Gaoler (*RIP*) / Troll / ?
Larger than any half-orc, green, and inhuman ??? Bandits spoke of Zokk as the prison guard at the Horned Lord's fortress Horn Lord's Fort